JICA Public-Private Partnerships Project has started

The JICA Public-Private Partnerships SMEs Overseas Business Development, the proposal-based project, which was adopted in February this year has started. The main objective of this project is to conduct actual field work in Cambodia’s minefields with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) using our DMR (Version 5), which has been used for demining operations in Cambodia since last November, to obtain data related to the work efficiency that the DMR can archive in demining operations. Here are some images from the trip.

Following the June trip, another trip to Cambodian verification site was made in September. During the September trip, the Mine Advisory Group (MAG, based in the U.S.), an international NGO that conducts demining activities worldwide, and the United Nations agency (UNDP) conducted a field trip to the minefield to inspect our DMR. Both recognized the significance of our DMR development and deployment project and encouraged us.

We commit our activities aiming the global deployment of DMR to assist deminers working in their minefields as soon as possible.


June: Minefield in Banteay Meanchey in Cambodia


June: Ready for the minefield excavation by DMR, targetted to the red marker


June: Post-excavation view. No explosives were found here. The soil in this minefield is clay, which was expected to make excavation more difficult than the sandy minefield of Siem Reap Province, where we had been active until May, but DMR was able to excavate without problems. Approximately 80 seconds was required to complete the excavation.


June: DMR has remote control functions and can safely excavate minefields.


June: We discussed with the R&D team of CMAC (Cambodia Mine Action Centre) the plans for the verification activities that will be ongoing until April next year.


September: Mr. Johan from MAG visited the minefield where the DMR is working to inspect the DMR demining operations.


Sep : JICA Public Private Partnership Division visited the minefield and observed our activities.


Sep : Mr. Try from UNDP Cambodia visited our site and inspected the operation.


September: Meeting with CMAC Director Genaral, H.E. Heng Ratana at CMAC headquarters.