We Started the Pilot Cultivation of Mexican Cactus in a minefield after demining in Cambodia

Based on the partnership with CMAC, Cambodian Mine Action Centre, established through the development of the demining robot DMR, we are currently working to develop a scheme to make effective use of the land that has been made safe after demining is completed.

As the first project, the cultivation of the Mexican prickly pear cactus started at a former minefield (managed by CMAC; part of 1,795 ha) in Battambang Province, Cambodia

We have invited an expert, Dr. Takanori Horibe, Associate Professor of Applied Biology at Chubu University, and with the cooperation of a company in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, which is a “cactus town”.

Our goal is to produce and commercialize the cactus, which has a variety of uses including food, livestock feed, cosmetic materials, and fake leather materials, and to contribute to the development of rural areas in Cambodia.