Demining robot project was adopted as a JICA Public-Private Partnerships Project

Our demining robot DMR project has been adopted by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) for the FY2022.
We are currently negotiating with JICA for making our contract, and after the contract was made, we will implement the demining using DMRs in Cambodia as a JICA project for one year.

This project aims to contribute to the safety of Cambodian demining through verification activities of demining by using DMRs, and to quantitatively summarize the effects of robotization amond the demining operations currently being carried out in mine-contaminated countries.

We will make this a meaningful activity for the introduction of DMR in Cambodia, where we are currently working, and for DMR’s global deployment.

Project name:
“SDGs Business Validation Survey for Demining Robot Installation to Work Efficiently and Protect the Safety of Deminers in Cambodia”

JICA Public-Private Partnerships