Demining Robot DMR project

  • 7,239 mine/ERW casualties identified in 2017
    (Reference: LANDMINE MONITOR 2018)
  • The numbers of landmines remaining under the ground are more than 70 million
  • The time it takes to complete landmine clearance is more than 1,000 years
  • In order to secure minefields for future generation,
    we are required to make landmine clearance safer and faster.

Today, it is said that at least 70 million of anti-personnel mines exist on the earth. After the war or conflict, it is essential for the country to complete landmine clearance as soon as possible to utilize their land for agriculture or traffic.
Therefore, we are working on the development of remote controllable demining robot (named DMR) which assists demining workers with the aim of speed up and ensuring their safety.
We will supply DMRs to governments and organizations worldwide who are conducting landmine clearance and we will contribute to evolve the landmine clearance from now on.
However, as the landmine clearance takes a lot of time and trouble, thousands of people live around minefield get serious damages or killed by stepping on landmines every year.
In general, demining workers use a shovel and a plodding needle by their own hands to excavate ground to identify landmines. The old-fashioned work will take more than 1,000 years to remove all landmines on the earth, and also it is extremely dangerous for demining workers. In fact, some of them get injured seriously by the unexpected landmine explosion.

4 steps demining process

  1. Vegetation removal to clear the path
  2. Mine detection by metal detectors
  3. Minefield excavation to expose landmine (or identification of detected metal)
  4. Mine destruction

IOS is focusing on the 3rd step of demining process and working on the robotization of “Minefield excavation / detected metal identification” to make demining work safely and efficiently.